Netmaker Professional Metrics

Viewing Details

To view the metrics in the Netmaker Dashboard, select a network, then click the Metrics tab. From here, you can switch to any metric you are interested in, including metrics from clients.

NOTE: Metrics may take up to 5 minutes for nodes to report data.

Network Metrics

Grafana Dashboard

If your Netmaker instance includes the Prometheus/Grafana setup and is configured with the METRICS_EXPORTER=”on”, you can also view your metrics via Grafana. Simply navigate to the dashboards section of your Grafana instance. .. code-block:

URL: "https://grafana.<YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME>"
Username: "admin"
Password: "admin"

There, you will be presented with two out-of-the-box Netmaker options of the following: - Netmaker Metrics Dashboard - Netmaker Network Graph

Netmaker Grafana Dashboards

First try viewing the Netmaker Metrics Dashboard. This view will give you the option to select and view data on individual nodes in your Netmaker network.

Netmaker Grafana View 1

Then try out the Netmaker Network Graph view. This graph gives a Network graph, in which the user may hover individual nodes to see statistics of that node. Or hover an edge to view information about the connection between two nodes. The node edges will vary depending on connection status (green for connected or red for disconnected).

Netmaker Grafana View 2

Also you can view your metrics on prometheus dashboard, for the first time you will be prompted for credentials in your brower when you visit your prometheus dashboard. .. code-block:

URL: "https://prometheus.<YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME>"
Username: "Netmaker-Prometheus"
Password: "<YOUR_LICENSE_KEY>"