Is Netmaker a VPN like NordVPN?

No. Netmaker makes Virtual Networks, which are technically VPNs, but different. It’s more like a corporate VPN, or a VPC (if you’re familiar with AWS). Netmaker is often compared to OpenVPN, Tailscale, or Nebula.

If you’re looking to achieve self-hosted web browsing, with functionality similar to NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Surfshark, Tunnelbear, or Private Internet Access, this is probably not the project for you. Technically, you can accomplish this with Netmaker, but it would be a little like using an all-terrain vehicle for stock car racing.

There are many good projects out there that support general internet privacy using WireGuard. Here are just a few of them:

https://github.com/trailofbits/algo https://github.com/pivpn/pivpn https://github.com/subspacecloud/subspace https://github.com/mullvad/mullvadvpn-app

Do you have an ‘Exit Nodes’ feature?

Please see the Egress Gateway documentation.

Do you offer any business or professional support?

Yes, please contact help@netmaker.io or visit https://gravitl.com/plans.


As of v0.10.0, Netmaker collects “opt-out” telemetry data. To opt out, simply set “TELEMETRY=off” in your netmaker.env file.

Please consider participating in telemetry, as it helps us focus on the features and bug fixes that are most useful to users. Netmaker is a broad platform, and without this data, it is difficult to know where the team should spend its limited resources.

The following is the full list of telemetry data we collect. Besides “Server Version” all data is simply an integer count:

  • Randomized server ID

  • Count of nodes

  • Count of “non-server” nodes

  • Count of Remote Access Clients

  • Count of networks

  • Count of users

  • Count of linux nodes

  • Count of freebsd nodes

  • Count of macos nodes

  • Count of windows nodes

  • Count of docker nodes

  • Count of k8s nodes

  • Server version

We use PostHog, an open source and trusted framework for telemetry data.

To look at exactly we collect telemetry, you can view the source code under serverctl/telemetry.go: https://github.com/gravitl/netmaker/blob/master/serverctl/telemetry.go


If you need help, try the Discord or open a GitHub ticket.

Email: info@gravitl.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/zRb9Vfhk8A