Choose the install method that makes sense for you.

  1. We recommend using the nm-quick script for self-hosted/On-Prem setup.

sudo wget -qO /root/ && sudo chmod +x /root/ && sudo /root/

IMPORTANT: Notes on Installation - Due to the high volume of installations, the auto-generated domain has been rate-limited by the certificate provider. For this reason, we strongly recommend using your own domain. Using the auto-generated domain may lead to a failed installation due to rate limiting.

IMPORTANT: From v0.22.0 the install script will install PRO version of netmaker with a 14-day free trial, for you to try out full capabilities of netmaker.

After trial period ends:

  1. if you wish to continue using PRO :-

    1. check these steps to obtain pro license

    2. Run /root/ -u

  2. if you wish to downgrade to community version

    1. Run /root/ -d

  1. To get started the easiest way, visit our SaaS platform to set up a netmaker server with just a few clicks

  2. check out these steps for manual installation process for on-prem, although we don’t recommend this path, instead use the install script mentioned above

  3. Kubernetes Installation

  4. Non-Docker (from binary) Install

  5. Highly Available Installation

  6. Advanced Install Resources