Netmaker WireGuard

Welcome to the Netmaker Documentation

Netmaker is a platform for creating fast and secure virtual networks with WireGuard.

This documentation covers Netmaker’s installation, usage, and troubleshooting. It also contains reference documentation for the API, UI and Netclient configuration. All of the source code for Netmaker is on GitHub.

For Kubernetes-specific guidance, please see the Netmaker Kubernetes Documentation.


High-level information about what Netmaker is and how it works.

Getting Started

How to install Netmaker and set up your first network.


Client-side instructions for joining a network and managing a machine locally.

Ingress, Egress, and Relays

How to give machines outside of the Netmaker network access to network resources via an Ingress Gateway:

How to give machines inside the Netmaker network access to external network resources via an Egress Gateway:

How to make machines inside the network reachable if they are blocked by NAT/Firewall:

Access Control and Zero Trust

Fine-grained control of your networks. Enable or disable any peer-to-peer connection to decide which machines can talk to which other machines.

Kubernetes Documentation

Netmaker Kubernetes Documentation

Professional Documentation

Users in Netmaker Professional

Advanced Server Installation

A detailed guide to installing the Netmaker server (API, DB, UI, DNS), and configuration options.

Advanced Client Installation

A detailed guide to installing the Netmaker agent (netclient) on devices and configuration options.

Oauth Configuration

A simple guide to configuring OAuth for Netmaker.

External Guides

A handful of guides for use cases including site-to-site, Kubernetes, private DNS, and more.

UI Reference

A reference document for the Netmaker Server UI, with annotated screenshot detailing each field.

API Reference

A reference document for the Netmaker Server API, and example API calls for various use cases.


Upgrading the Netmaker server and clients.


A reference document for the Netmaker CLI tool nmctl.

NMCTL - Standalone

A reference document for using Netmaker without a UI.


Help with common Netmaker/netclient issues.


Where to go for help, and a FAQ.

Code of Conduct

A statement on our expectations and pledge to the community.


A link to the Netmaker license.